Located in our cafe in downtown The Dalles, Oregon is our Mill City six kilo coffee roaster. Fabricated of stainless steel, this little guy and it’s double wall drum is natural gas heated and is loaded with system controls including: gas pressure, air flow, and drum speed. The ability to control these different variables allows for greater tasting coffee and phenomenal consistency. Our lead roaster is Brien. You may often see him behind the bar serving up a tasty espresso or beautiful cappuccino and always with a friendly face!  Having versatile and coffee-focused team members has allowed us to continually push our coffee program to the next level. At each shop you can usually have an opportunity to taste multiple coffees in multiple fashions. Offering just a few coffees each month we are able to give you a new experience with great coffee and can successfully develop and brew each one to its optimum flavor. We would love to wholesale with you if you are looking for some fun coffees for your new venture or one that is years established!