Why the Philippines?

The short answer? Well, her name is Abby.


"Here- take this baby!" yelled the elderly filipino woman, arms motioning to Abby, a one year old baby girl who was standing in the doorway of their shanty house. Marten, co-owner and founder of Kainos, was walking through WaWa, a garbage dump in The Philippines, when he was asked to take Abby- a child who had been left on the dump and consequently orphaned by her biological family.

The elderly woman had been taking care of her for a few months and was desperate to get the child into a loving home that could truly provide for her needs. It just so happened that Marten was on a mission trip to LifeChild, a childrens home that helps get children out of WaWa and into a beautiful home in a near by village.

In a matter of months, Abby (pictured to the left) was able to go through the adoption process with LifeChild and is now being housed, fed, clothed and educated by the LifeChild family! 

Since that trip, Marten has felt a deep desire to support LifeChild and the children of The Phillippines in anyway he can. He wanted to give more than he could out of pocket or performing constant fundraisers, so Marten decided to start a company with the initiative to give back. After teaming up with his best friend Austin Roberts, they dreamed up Kainos Coffee and immediately designated 21% their profits to helping these families. 


WHY 21%?

In the lead up to opening their doors, Marten and Austin Roberts (his business partner), were discussing how much they were wanting to give back, prompting the question- well, how much would they give back? Marten told Austin to say whatever number came to his mind at the same time as he would on the count of three. They figured there would be some sort of need to meet in the middle of the two different numbers they'd say- but nope! On the count of three, they both said, you guessed it, 21%.

Finding a charity partner

Choosing a ministry or chairty to partner with to give their profit portions to was a no-brainer. LifeChild Asia Foundation was the organization Marten had first gone to WaWa with, and is ran by some of his good friends, Chad and Amy Davis (shameless plug- you can totally donate to them directly here). The kiddos pictured above are some of the children we have the privildege of directly supporting at LifeChild. "We are operating an orphanage model in the Philippines that reflects a community of families, rather than an institution. Two homes are now complete! Our community is surrounded by pineapple farms in the countryside of Silang, Cavite, PHILIPPINES (about an hour south of Manila)."

"We write a check to LifeChild every month and each time we do, our hearts fill with joy," Marten said. "It's so special to know that what we do everyday in our shop is directly influencing the lives of these kids. So with every purchase you make with Kainos, remember- you drink, kids eat."

This is the school our kids at LifeChild get to go to!

Marten (the one with the shirt on-ha!) couldn't resist getting a game of basketball in with the villagers!